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Here at Burbank Optometric Center, Inc., we are proud to serve San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, North Hollywood, Van Nuys and Toluca Lake. Our team of professionals is dedicated to giving our patients the highest quality of optometry care. We offer a full range of optometry services so all of your family’s needs are met under one roof.

Our goal is for you to leave our office with a memorable and enjoyable experience, which is why our welcoming and compassionate staff will do everything they can to make you feel right at home.

If you are looking to brighten and enhance your vision, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (818) 845-3549!

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Vision Therapy

We believe that as your local provider of vision therapy you deserve to receive nothing but the best of our specialty services. It is with great pleasure that we have been able to serve the local community. Throughout our tenure we have assisted a wide variety of individuals improve their vision capabilities through non-surgical means.

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Specialty Contact Lenses

There are many different eye conditions that require specific kinds of contact lenses, but finding the right kind isn’t always easy. There are lenses designed for certain eye conditions, such as astigmatism, dry eyes, keratoconus, etc. but comfort is a very important aspect of correcting your vision, so be sure to find lenses that fit your eye properly.

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Eye Exams For All Ages

We place a strong emphasis on routine eye exams.

On average, we recommend scheduling an appointment once every two years to ensure your eyes are remaining healthy. If you have been diagnosed with an eye condition, however, we recommend scheduling an appointment once or twice a year depending on the severity.

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